11 Nollywood Actresses Over 47 Years Old That Have Amazing Style
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You can probably already tell that this is not your regular countdown because well, I'm not regular. And, it isn't like the ladies in this countdown are regular either, they are the elite of elite Nollywood women so I doubt that they belong in a regular list either way. Enough with the gist, let us just dive into the world of these stylish Nollywood actresses over 47 years old.

In case you did not already figure this out, this is a list of Nollywood actresses between the ages of 47 and 57 years who still have fabulous style regardless of their age. The fine wine women are:


    Joke Silva

    Of course she tops the list because she is the perfect blend of class and elegance. The 57-year-old actress and mentor has not only been in a ton of on-screen movies but has also honed her skills to become one of the most sought-after actresses for stage plays. She is not just a mother and grandmother, she is also a mentor to hundreds of upcoming actresses. As she ages, her style has evolved with her and she has remained forever a style icon.


    Kate Henshaw

    She is only 47 years old but has made such an impact in her field that she cannot be overlooked in any way. She is a fitness guru and saying that her body looks banging will be the understatement of the year. Her style is classy and elegant always.


    Ireti Doyle

    She is the epitome of gracefulness and stylishness. Her almost strict look just resonates in the way she dresses. She is the ultimate BOSS lady for the Nollywood industry. While you could easily mistake her to be in her early 40s, it will surprise you to know that she is 52 and looks fabulous.


    Sola Shobowale

    She has always had that glorious skin of hers but it seems as though the more she ages, the better it gets. She has flawless skin and perfect smile and you can tell by her style that she can be playful. While she likes to play around with English style, this 52-year-old still stays true to her 'iros' and 'bubas' that fit her perfectly.


    Fathia Williams

    She was formally known as Fathia Balogun and seems to not have aged a day. She was the classy beauty from back in the day and it appears that nothing has changed. If you wanted a gorgeous Yoruba cast, she was the one to go to and she is still the one. At 50, her style is still beautiful as always, and never overdone.


    Ngozi Nwosu

    This last wife from 'Fuji House of Commotion' has come a long way and can definitely not be called the last in anything ever again. Bouncing back from an illness that held her down for years, it is incredible to see just how beautiful she is. Even at 55 years old, her style is still ridiculously youthful but she makes it work.


    Ibinabo Fiberesima

    If the fact that she is an ex-beauty queen did not already clue you in that she is beautiful, then I don't know for you o. But the true question is how at 49 years old, and a stint in jail, she is still so beautiful. With a body that is still banging and effortless style, it is no doubt that she earned her place on this list.


    Bimbo Akintola

    While Bimbo has been a bit low key for a while, it is no lie that she has definitely been taking care of that beautiful body and skin of hers. Recent pictures from her 49th birthday are definitely attesting to the fact that lowkey or not, her sense of style is still high.


    Shan George

    When the Nollywood industry was just becoming the Giant of Africa's entertainment, Shan George's face was one of the faces that helped us get there. Even at 49, she can still make heads turn because she is still very gorgeous and has a great style to match.


    Eucharia Anunobi

    For a while, she was the pretty witch queen mother in the Nollywood industry. Interestingly, she still has bewitching powers at 54 years old and it looks like she has barely aged since she started in the industry. Her style has evolved, she is more modest with her style now but somehow, she makes it work as she finds a way to keep it youthful.


    Bukky Wright

    She may be coming last on this list but at 52, her perfect skin can still come first in any contest. She has not been in a lot of movies of recent but trust me when I say, that she has kept her sense of style even off the screen.

Other notable Nollywood actresses for this list are:


    Shaffy Bello

    Shaffy Bello whose age has remained a mystery to the industry but whom a lot of people are sure she is over 45 years. Age aside, this woman's sense of style is GOALS. To look this great at whatever age she is has got to be a blessing.


    Hilda Dokubo

    While figuring out her age was a whole day's job, figuring out that she has somehow managed to keep this youngin' style of her, was the easy part. She has a laid back and yet classy style. And to be clear, she doesn't just have amazing style, she has amazing skin and a dope ass body.


    Ngozi Ezeonu

    This 54 years old who was and still predominantly known for being royal, exudes that regal style even in her everyday look. From her flawless skin to her gorgeous eyes, it would definitely be a sacrilege to omit her name on this awesome list.

While this list has an amazing group of Nollywood actresses, I'm sure there are other 47 to 57-year-old actresses not on this list. To help us make a more encompassing list, please give your suggestions in the comments below.

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