Outrage as Nigerian lady is videoed flogging a child and locking him up in cage with fierce dogs
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A video footage shows the moment a Nigerian woman flogged a boy, after which she locked him in a cage with fierce dogs - the said video has generated outrage on Twitter and people are calling for her to be found and punished.


Assault Child


In the viral video, the woman is seen flogging the boy with a belt. She refused to stop even as the boy pleaded for mercy.

"You think I'm joking with you, ehn? You think you have power," she asked as she flogged the boy.

"Enter inside. Let me here pim," she said as she slapped the boy a few times then kicked him into the dog cage as he tried to resist. She added: "Enter inside there."


Assault Child1


As soon as the boy was inside the cage, the woman locked him in and walked away.

Watch the video below,


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