3 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas You Should Consider
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Couple Watching A Movie


Being in a relationship shouldn't be boring; this is the time in both your lives where you should be getting to know each other through fun and adventurous ways.

Rumour has it that Nigerians are not romantic; this may be attributed to "cutting one's coat according to one's size", in other words not wanting to know what's available that will fit your budget or not wanting to spend at all; either way, it shouldn't be an excuse to not have fun with your significant other.

If you are wondering what to do without spending so much, here are budget-friendly ideas that will interest you:

Run a Movie Marathon in the comfort of your home

As cliché as this may sound, it is one of the best budget-friendly ideas for couples. You don't get to spend much and you have the chance to know how your significant other thinks through probable conversations you get to have in-between.

However, this can still be done in a cinema (not the talking part though; unless it is a private screening for just you both).

Get away for the weekend

Going from your comfort zone (your immediate environment; Lagos to Abeokuta is a perfect example) to the nearest city, does a lot to your wellbeing. You both get to breathe in a different air, be far away from the usual hassles and you also get to enjoy activities that happen within and around the new zone.

Go picnicking!

Did you know there are parks in Lagos? No? Well, now you do. The Ndubuisi Kanu Park located in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, is a good example. Open your fridge, throw in your favorite snacks and drinks into a basket and get out there with the love of your life. Take pictures, eat and get to meet new people.

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