Only broke wives allow side-chicks in marriage - Joro Olumofin
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Popular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has said it is only broke wives that accommodate side-chics in their marriage.

Joro wrote on his Instagram that any woman who can not boast of a million Naira in asset on in her bank account should not even think about getting married.

He said most women are more focused on getting a husband rather than focusing on building their empire to sustain them later in the future.

Read his full post:

"Dear Ladies, if you don't have up to N1,000,000 / $2000 in assets or in your account you shouldn't be thinking about marriage. This is for your own good. A lot of ladies are attenuated focusing on finding a Husband instead of having financial security which leads to atrophy & low self esteem. Lugubriously, most Ladies today see having a husband as financial security, this leads to domestic abuse and disrespect when most of the burden is left on the shoulders of a man.

"Some wives don't have vex money or start up money to start afresh in case of divorce. Having N1,000,000 in assets is having a skill than can bring you 1m in a year. Love is not enough in the millennial generation.

"Money matters. Ladies, Having financial independence will bring a certain level of catharsis. Only broke wives accommodate Sidechicks in their marriage.

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