5 Things You Can Engage In While Self-Isolating
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The Coronavirus outbreak has led to people maintaining social distance. In cases where some have symptoms, they are in quarantine while those who have come in contact with people who have the virus are self-isolating.

Often, it becomes boring when you have to stay indoors for weeks. However, there are different things you can engage in that will make your weeks productive and reduce boredom. Find some ideas below:

Take courses online

As much as you think it is time to have fun, you need to know you will get tired of sleeping and lazying around. There are so many milestones that can be achieved. Lookup sites online where you can take courses for free or at cheap prices. this will help you grow your intellect and you can boldly point out what you have been able to achieve at such a limited period.


That daily exercise routine you have been postponing, engage in it now. You can look up an exercise routine that will last for 30 days. Stick to this routine and follow them religiously for that perfect body. Apart from having the perfect body, exercise will help boost your health and to fight coronavirus, you need to maintain sound health.


You can start a reading challenge with your friends on Whatsapp. Choose a book daily in the group and rub minds together, have logical debates, learn and ger better. Also, you can challenge yourself by having a target of how many books you wish to read before the end of isolation and social distancing. By doing this, you will be able to boost your intellectual ability.

Learn a new game

If you are isolating with another person, you can learn new forms of games from them. If they are good at playing video games, learn how to play with them, if it is card games, learn. You get to experience new ways to have fun and understand other people more.

Declutter your space

Take time to get rid of unnecessary things and people occupying your space. This can involve people, items of clothing and many more. It is time to reflect on those things and people you need to let go of. First, fix your space; arrange your wardrobe and bedroom. Then, reflect on people and things that are occupying your space and are toxic, then get rid of those too. It is a moment to experience peace. This might take days and that is okay.

There are so many things you can do with your time, however, ensure you make good use of this time and not just lazy around.

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