Disclaimer: "EFCC Should Kill Naira Marley" - Lady in the said photo is being impersonated.
Posted by badgeemmybxt

It has been brought to our notice that we've been accused of defaming a particular Jessica Nongo in one of our recent posts.

A quick investigation after the accusation shows that the lady in question was actually being impersonated by another user on Facebook.

Jessica Nongo in no way posted the said post that reads; "EFCC should kill Naira Marley".

An unscrupulous element used her pictures on a Fake Facebook account with the name: "Qwin Slimzy SplashFord"

The scammer's intent is to destroy Jessica's name and he/she is bent doing so, as a quick check on the 'Fake account' still shows the said post still on the wall. See here.

In our defense, we only used the provided photo of the Facebook account as it seemed that that was the owner of the account. The blog was only amplifying the voice of the user's stance concerning the trending Naira Marley saga and was not in any way trying to defame character.

With all due respect, the YBL team doesn't indulge in tarnishing people's image but only reports news that's curated from social media.

Jessica's family made contact, and revealed to us that she's contacted the 'Fake Facebook account' severally to take down the post, but they've refused to do so, instead they blocked her.

In light of this, we wish to apologize for the damage this may have caused Jessica Nongo and hope she channels her anger towards her impersonator and do all things necessary to avoid being impersonated again.

Being a reputable media brand and having full knowledge of how this situation can affect Jessica, we've taken down the said post from all of our platforms and are in high hopes that the damage is contained.

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