Hilarious conversation between a Nigerian mum and her son who just got a tattoo (Screenshots)
Posted by badgeemmybxt

We all know how much Nigerian parents detest tattoos. One of the easiest way to piss your parents off as a Nigerian is to get a tattoo.. works all the time.A Nigerian student just got a tattoo, but his mum doesn't seem to be happy about it.The young lad sent his mum a picture of his new ink on WhatsApp and her first reaction was 'Jesus, who be this?'.

She further went on to say; 'You don kill me ooo, my pikin na wetin you go learn for school be that? i will tell your father''I'm very sure you now smoke, don't come back to this house with that thing on your body'.He went on to tell his mum he can't get rid of it as it's a permanent ink, which made her only more furious. See the screenshots below:
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