Man United, Real Madrid use £3,500 racing car seats in their dugouts (photos)
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Manchester United, Real Madrid and a club like Borussia Dortmund are one of the top teams who have adopted using modern type seats in their dugouts.

At the Theatre of Dreams, the chairs at the bench are race cars seats and were never meant for a football stadium.




The manufacturer who makes them RECARO, are responsible for making the chairs which clubs like Lyon, West Ham and Newcastle United, as well as other German clubs have started using.

The trend of using the RECARO brand of seats have filtered round 70 football clubs around the world.

Bundesliga side Kaiserslautern were the first club to start using the seat in 1990 and the team would go on to win the title that year.




The German side, also nicknamed The Red Devils, had then-RECARO owner Ulrich Putsch on their board.

After their then manager Kalli Feldkamp complained about serious back pain, Putsch came up with a novel plan to ease his manager's pain

Then a RECARO racing car seat was fixed in the dugout which solved Feldkamp's problems and the idea soon caught on.

Four years on, teams begin to use the RECARO custom-fitted seats across various stadiums.

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